08 September 2011 – Fiona Dukes – Common HR Problems

We had a few ‘no-shows’ today which was disappointing and hope it was not a reflection on the speaker, Chairperson, Fiona Dukes.  She shared with us the common problems she comes across when dealing with clients on Human Resources issues.  It was amazing how some small companies fail to comply with legislation – eg lack of Statements of Terms,  non-compliance with Working Time Regulations and risking claims of discrmination in recruitment – and many others.   She demonstrated how important an HR Audit can be to identify any areas of risk on HR issues – and how helpful it can be to have an HR Manager on tap for advice at any time!

Jeremy Ward, a recent new member, gave a brief presentation on the process from generating leads to obtaining business and explained the importance of putting in a lot of effort at the early stages in order to reap the benefits later.  His business, ‘Sell Your Service’ provides advice to clients on this and other sales/marketing issues.


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