10th May, Dominick Finan from Viewhear & Martyn Burgess from Burgess IFA

A blustery morning in May was brightened by a joint presentation from Dominick Finan of ViewHear promotional online video and Martin Burgess of   Leech & Burgess IFA Independent Financial Advisor. They presented on “Video Production & how helpful videos are as a communication tool”. Dominic showed Martin’s online promotional video and demonstrated how it brought to life Martin’s business, his values and what he offers to his customer. He showed the use of key selling messages and the powerful use of real testimonials from satisfied customers. Martin presented how he marketed his online video to existing customers by emailing them the video for feedback and since including the video on his website, it has lead to repeat business from existing clients as well as new clients. Check out the video for your self athttp://www. http://www.burgess-ifa.com/ and contact Dominick to create your promotional online video http://www.viewhear.com/

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