24 November 2011 – Adrian Brown, PrintCopyScan – Ed Donohue Crownhill Fort Manager

Adrian Brown,PrintCopyScan, gave his first 10 minute presentation as a member of Network Plymouth Business Club. PrintCopyScan pride themselves on their after-sales service, continually investing in training their service engineers, with a track record of 99.7% ‘uptime’.  Adrian hopes to develop mutually loyal relationships with other businesses that also value quality and excellent service.

Ed Donohue, Crownhill Fort Manager, gave a presentation at our first meeting in Crownhill Fort.  His presentation included  a brief history from its first inception as part of the Palmerston south coast defences in the 1860’s, through to the 1980s when The Landmark Trust purchased the Fort.  Ed explained some of the changes needed to run the Fort as a tourist attraction and home for 18 small businesses, activities which help to maintain the Fort today.


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