25 August 2011 – Judith Jolly – Apprentice’s view from the Red Benches

Despite attendance of only 21 members plus 2 guests, Judith Jolly, a former member of the Club, gave us a really interesting insight into her experiences of joining the ‘red benches’ in the House of Lords.  She explained the process of legislation – how it transfers between the two Houses after each reading – and the roles each House has to play.  Her objective view about some of the protocols in the House was refreshing and she gave very honest (and not political) answers to the many questions posed to her.  We hope that she will remain as objective in future years!

Nigel Day, a new member from Clarihon Web Services, kindly stepped in at the last minute to give a brief presentation on how important it is to him that his business contacts have the same ethics as himself and that he is able to develop an enjoyable as well as professional working relationship with them.

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