28th July – A Bumper Breakfast at the Marine Aquarium

Our special ‘big breakfast’ meeting certainly was a bumper one today, with 18 members inviting a total of 36 guests between them. It was great to see some new faces and to learn about other businesses in the Plymouth area and beyond. Many guests showed interest in becoming members so we look forward to welcoming them back to our next regular breakfast meeting.

We also were delighted to have Antony Jinman as guest speaker talking about ETE (Education Through Expeditions) and his many fascinating adventures to the North Pole. I have to say a combination of pure admiration and a sensation of complete trepidation rippled through my veins as we learnt of minus 60 degree temperatures and his epic emotional and physical battles against the full force
of nature!

ETE provides an educational web based platform through which teachers, educators and students can interact with firsthand accounts of the living breathing world in which we live. This level of interaction is achievable by the use of cutting edge technology whilst on expedition. Antony really is an inspiration – not only an enthusiastic and experienced explorer but a pioneer, pushing boundaries of a different sort, within the education sector – we wish him every success.

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