8 March Kelly Crane from Working Links; Dee West from Venus Training

 Working Links enterprise team presented on the work they do with people who have been out of employment.  Part of their work includes encouraging and supporting people into embarking on self-employment.  This can include help with developing business plans and cash flow forecasts, and mentoring. There are some grants etc available to help with the early start-up phase.  

For the long term unemployed  there is a need to develop up to date skills, but often the main obstacle is the unemployed person’s lack of confidence and low self-esteem.  Working Links helps by befriending possible candidates through out-reach contacts, then providing mentors and ongoing support, in partnership with Outset Plymouth Workshops.  

Working Links would like to encourage all employers (however small) to consider the benefits of linking with them when next recruiting.

Dee West of Venus Training presented with her colleagues on CPR, with a video, entitled ‘Do It Like Vinnie’ (about what to do in a case of cardiac arrest and resuscitation). The message was that we can all do something about an unconscious casualty, and those first few moments before the ambulance arrives are so vital to saving someone’s life. Training is all important, and doesnt have to take long e.g. a one day workshop on Emergency First Aid in the Workplace, and could save your life or the life of someone you love!

The meeting took place at Jolly Jacks restaurant, Mayflower Marina, Stonehouse, and not at our usual venue of the National Aquarium.  We all enjoyed a tasty and freshly cooked breakfast as we looked out over the boats moored in the Marina.  Our hosts were generous with the coffee and tea as small groups lingered over their networking afterwards.  Maybe we’ll come again! 


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