9th February 2012 Chris Menlove-Platt/CMP Coaching & Training, Colin Worden/Utility Warehouse

Chris Menlove-Platt of CMP Coaching & Training gave a lively and thought-provoking talk on ‘What’s this NLP all about?’  He gave us all something to think about,  helping us to notice how our minds were conjuring up pictures as he talked. From here it was easy to see how to turn negative, self-destructive messages into positive ones that reinforced our goals and desires.  Taking a positive attitude makes for a better day, more positive actions and a better outcome! 

 After that energising start, Colin  Worden of Utility Warehouse Discount Club moved us all gently into a more relaxed mode, explaining how Utility Warehouse can help to make your life a little easier by bringing together all your utilities and media services under one roof,  while always ensuring you would benefit from cheaper deals.  He also explained the useful Cash Discount card, which can actually save you money on your utilities bill while you are shopping somewhere else, such as Sainsbury’s or M & S.    What’s not to like??

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