Network Plymouth is a business networking breakfast club.

The club is run for the benefit of its members.

Membership costs £205-£229 per 6 months which is made up of £25 for the registration of the business category plus £12 per meeting for 15-17 meetings(£10 for venue hire/breakfast, £2 for Club funds)

Subscriptions are payable in advance every 6 months.

All funds collected are used by the elected committee and its members to promote and administer the club.

Only one member per Business Category is permitted but there may be occasions when two members from a similar business category feel that they would both be able to participate and benefit by both being members.

Membership is subject to approval of applications by all current members.

Guests may attend on a maximum of 2 occasions before deciding whether to make an application to join.

To attend an event as a Guest, please contact the Club’s Potential Members Co-ordinator on the Members Page

How to find us

Please see the National Marine Aquarium Directions page for a Map

The National Marine Aquarium is located in the Coxside area of Plymouth. Follow the brown and white fish signs, which can be found on all entry roads into the city.

The recommended route is the A38 to Marsh Mills (Sainsbury’s) then along the A374 Embankment Road. The route for the Aquarium and Barbican Car Park (main parking for the Aquarium) is signposted from here.

If you have SAT NAV the postcode is: PL4 0DX